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We hiked up a Blood Mountain. Which just sounds weird to say. We were staying at Vogel State Park and our camp site was inbetween Slaughter and Blood Mountain. Apparently way back when it was legend that two Indian Tribes had a war here. And the rivers turned red with blood. It was sort of this spooky beautiful location. There seemed to be a lot of heaviness in the air. We went on a pretty long walk ended up taking the wrong path and hiked straight up the hardest part of the mountain instead of the stroll we thought we were taking. Sadly Rolldog can no longer able to go on the long hikes. So it was just us and The Dude. Didn’t really see much wild life other then a ton of spiders!!


We arrived to Mistletoe State Park and it was totally empty. We got to go around to all the sites and pick our favorite. The best part about being here was that we basically had our own little private island. Well and the dogs learned how to swim. The dude went swimming and seemed to love it and wonder why we kept throwing the stick back out into the lake. You can really see the fear in his eyes as he tries something new! Rolldog even went swimming. He is our little 90 lb 10 year old pup who has little dinosaur (trex) arms. Poor thing has little tiny legs on a big boned body! So he has never been able to swim before. It was the cutest thing ever to see him get in. He watched the dude for quite some time and got the courage. The dude also did this funny thing while even though he was in the water he would jump up into air with his from paws to get into the deeper end to start off swimming. We had a blast and dream about going back. But we know we had a once in a life time awesome experience!

Animals we saw: Bald Eagle (it landed literally 30 feet from me and it was mesmerizing – gave me serious judgement face!!), tons of other birds too!, little fishes that kept biting my butt (and no one elses!), and we were invaded by ants (you know its bad with the camp store sells gallon size ant spray!).